About US


Never Loved Us Boutique (NLUSB) focuses on selling products that are created by up and coming artistic individuals and popular brands.  Our clients are anyone who appreciates the artsy point of view of others.

The purpose of NLUSB is to motivate one another to do what we love.  Each of us have a passion in this world, those who decide to pursue their dreams may not have an outlet to present their talents; at NLUSB, we give artists that outlet.  

NLUSB was founded by Jeffrey and Krystal M. Verna; they also contribute their clothing designs (Style de Vie and Jemina Heart) and photography to the boutique.  Jeffrey has experience in videography, photography, and graphic design.  While living in Los Angeles and New York City, Jeffrey has traveled the country filming and taking photographs of musicians, models, and actors.  Krystal graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing at Brooklyn College and she also attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) for essential fashion classes.   

In 2014, Jeffrey and Krystal became encouraged to start a boutique that would help them and others sell their crafts, as there were none available that represented their vision of supporting up and coming artists.